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​Not everybody looks at their trees as an investment and they don’t really pay much attention to them until they have no choice. It isn’t until they are experiencing problems, such as fallen limbs and branches that they begin to consider that there could be a problem with their tree. They ignore their trees so much that they can’t look at them and tell that there is a problem. However, if you have trees on your property, you should know that they are an asset but can become a liability.
They become a liability when they are not being properly cared for. You can rely on the services of Colleyville Tree Service Company in Colleyville, Texas to take care of any of your tree care service needs. You can continue enjoying your trees for a lot longer when they are being properly cared for by a professional tree service.

About Us

Our tree services have been around for a very long time and we have managed to create a good name for ourselves. This is because as a family run operation, we take every job that we are asked to perform, serious. There is no job that is any less important to us than another. We are firmly committed to providing our customers with the quality of professional tree services that they expect. This has enabled us to remain in business for as long as we have. Regardless of your tree care needs; we assure you that we’ll be able to effectively handle the job.

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If anyone can perform the job of effectively caring for your trees, it is our tree arborists. They have the skills and the experience needed to effectively handle the job. With their knowledge of trees there isn’t anything they can’t do. Whether it is having your trees trimmed or if you have emergency tree care needs, we’re here to when you need us. Our experts are able to meet any challenge that they may experience while address your service needs, which is why so many turn to us. Call us for premium tree care services.

Tree & Brush Trimming

Tree Removal & Disposal

​Stump Grinding & Removal

​Tree & Brush Trimming

Whenever you need a tree trimmed, you can rely on us. If you have a tree that is too large with low hanging limbs, it can be dangerous. A large limb could fall when you least expect it and cause serious harm. Don’t take chances; call us instead. Our tree care experts will address this problem by trimming your trees whenever it is necessary.

Tree Removal & Disposal

With the manpower, the right tools and equipment, it’s easy for us to effectively remove and dispose of your tree. Our experts are very careful when removing your tree and that is why they take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of everyone who is in the vicinity of the work being performed. We only work with those who have the proven expertise needed to remove any type of tree.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Grinding a tree stump also requires the right type of skill and equipment. One without the other simply isn’t enough. We assess your needs and source the equipment accordingly. Our professional tree arborists are capable of determining how your tree should be grinded but you can determine what you would like for us to do with the remaining wood chips.

Tree Planting & Moving

Lawn Maintenance

​Emergency Tree Service

​Tree Planting & Moving

You may assume that planting a tree is similar to planting flowers but it isn’t. We assure you that there is a lot more involved than you might imagine, which is why you should call on a professional tree care company to handle the job for you. You may not realize that there are areas of your home where you can’t and shouldn’t plant trees but our experts will be able to help you make this determination.

Lawn Maintenance

Keeping up the appearance of your lawn can be very time consuming and that is why many homeowners will often turn to a professional tree service. If you want your trees to grow tall, strong and healthy then give us a call and allow us to routinely care for them. Having your trees taken care of by experts is sure to give you peace-of-mind.

Emergency Tree Service

When you experience a tree emergency, don’t panic; call Colleyville Tree Service Company. We will jump into action to get you the help you need right away. You never know when you’ll experience a problem that will require immediate attention but when you do, we’re here when you need us. Don’t allow your tree emergency to put you in harm’s way when we are just a phone call away.

​​Contact Us

If you want a company that is passionate about the care of trees then you have come to the right place. Our experts have all the experience needed to produce the results that you want. With the level of experience of our team, we are confident in our ability to give you what you are paying us for and more. Call for a complimentary consultation.

"I made the mistake of thinking that me and my husband could trim our trees ourselves. We didn’t even have the right equipment to handle it but Colleyville Tree Service Company swooped in and saved the day. They took care it for us in no time! We’ll definitely use them again.” – Caroline L.

“It wasn’t until Colleyville Tree Service came and moved our tree that we actually saw all that was involved. We are so happy that we used their professional tree services and would definitely recommend their services to friends and neighbors.” – Stan S.

“My daughter called me because a tree had fallen across their driveway and she couldn’t back out. I contacted Colleyville Tree Service Company and they sent someone out immediately to remove the tree. I’m so glad that I remembered how efficient this companies emergency tree services were. They really came in handy when we needed them.” – Tom M.