​​Lawn Maintenance


In addition to our many tree care services at Colleyville Tree Service Company, we also offer our Colleyville customers, lawn maintenance services. If you have lovely trees on your property, surely you would also want the surrounding landscaping to looks its best. We can make this possible by attending to your lawn care needs on a routine basis. When you have a nicely maintained lawn, others will take notice. In most cases, they don’t want your lawn to look better than theirs. They will then begin to care for their lawn. This starts a chain reaction and before long, everyone in the neighborhood is taking better care of their lawn. Just think, you can be the change that your neighborhood needs simply by hiring us to do something that you need to have done anyway. With our lawn care service, we also offer routine cleanings and cleanup. This could be anything from your spring season cleanings to preparing your lawn for the cold winter months.

Regular Lawn Care

Maintaining your lawn may not be easy for you but it is easy for our experts. The only effort that it requires from you is that you pick up the phone and give us a call to schedule your lawn care service needs. If you’re not capable of getting around to raking your leaves or mowing your lawn, let us do it for you. We offer routine lawn maintenance that enables us to keep up the appearance of your lawn. With discuss a plan that will work for you and your budget, while fully encompassing your lawn care needs. If you’re not certain about the type of care and attention your lawn would require, we can also advise you of this. Simply call us and let us schedule a visit so that we can provide you with a comprehensive plan to address your needs.

Benefits of Hiring Qualified Lawn Care Professionals

When you rely on a lawn care professional, they come with the best and most effective commercial grade products. They are usually able to purchase commercial grade products from a distributor who specifically sells to lawn care professionals. These same products may not be available to you for purchase. When you want non-toxic products used on your lawn then this is something that a professional lawn service can offer to you. There are often far more options available than you would find in your local hardware store for your lawn.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Getting your money’s worth is easy when you work with Colleyville Tree Service Company because we use qualified experts to take care of your lawn maintenance. Many of them have been in the industry for decades and can handle your lawn care needs with their eyes closed. They are passionate and love to see the end results of their hard work. They will address any of your concerns, all while offering you routine lawn services. This ensures that you are able to get what you are paying for.

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